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Ideal for new coaches

Ipsative Coaching is a complete system, from initial exploration to practical choices about lifestyle, career, relationships and long-term goals. It gives you, as a coach, a unique platform to which you can add your skills and abilities.

Work With People’s Inner Uniqueness

With Ipsative Coaching, the focus is the client — from the inside out. What makes that person who they are? What will build their confidence and enhance their unique personality and strengths? Ipsative Coaching gives you the means to deliver unique value from the day you start.

Be More Confident in Your Coaching

Lack of confidence is the most common reason why new coaches especially find it tough to make an impression in a crowded marketplace.

Coaching confidence comes from knowing you have something to offer that will bring immediate benefits to clients. When you have access to a total system, backed by years of successful use and thousands of sets of data, you can move forward confidently.

As an ipsative coach, you'll be able to demonstrate the value you can offer people, explain exactly how they'll benefit and show them examples of the process in action — immediately after you've completed your training.

Use Our Community to Generate Leads

Ipsative coaches form a community of like-minded people. They share experiences and ideas. They pass leads to one another. Each person's success adds to the power of the community to generate publicity and attract clients.

Establishing your own business can be an achingly lonely process. But with a community around you, you can be independent and have a support system at the same time.

Why try to go it alone and reinvent the wheel? Get started quickly by using community expertise to back-up your personal abilities.

What's Holding You Back?

With Ipsative Coaching, you'll be up and running in a few weeks, backed by a proven approach and the latest in on-line tools.

Don't wait any longer. Take the first step into your new career by becoming an ipsative coach today.


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Become an Ipsative Coach