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Coaching is an ideal home-based business for suitably qualified people. Because of this, it attracts many people who find they have little to offer that is distinctive and gives them an edge over other coahes in their area.

Ipsative Coaching is a total system that can give you a clear advantage in the marketplace. It has its own technology — including an on-line questionnaire that has already been used with thousands of people world-wide — its own unqiue approach and a distinctive style of helping people form their lives from the inside out.

However, Ipsative coaches face a large responsibility — and it's one we take very seriously. Ipsative Coaching isn't coaching restricted to a narrow aspect of life. It offers challenge, not consolation. The training is demanding, intellectually, emotionally and ethically.

As you progress, you will find yourself dealing with ever more fundamental aspects of behavior. And, unlike pure "talking" approaches, you'll learn how to do this quickly — maybe within minutes of meeting a client.

#When you "coach from the inside out," you'll be starting at the place most coaches are still trying to reach after several sessions. You'll be dealing with what makes someone who they are; what drives their behavior and what causes many of the problems and limitations they've encountered in their lives until now.

You need to have the confidence and expertise to handle such powerful issues without compromise. And the sensitivity and ethical framework to do so in positive ways.

Is This The Right Approach For You?

Before you decide to train as an Ipsative Coach, please ask yourself these questions:

1. Are you ready to explore your own deepest values, without compromise, sentimentality or evasion?

2. Can you display the confidence needed to help people grapple with their confusion, indecision and anxiety?

3. Do you have a logical, clear-eyed approach to emotional issues? Can you stay objective and focused?

4. Are you ready to balance compassion with an equal concern for helping people accept the truth about who and what they are?

5. Can you stay objective enough to let people make their own journey of discovery? And patient enough to give them the time they need?

6. Can you display in your own person the three essential outcomes of Ipsative Coaching: focus, resolve and self-confidence ?

If you answered "yes" to all these questions, we will be delighted to hear from you.


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What it takes to be an Ipsative Coach