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For many, the world is a place of confusion, indecision and anxiety. We turn to coaching as a proven way to avoid the failures and pain this causes.

Yet coaching is not a single approach. There are many techniques, each with its own way of dealing with the problems life and work bring. Some approaches ignore the deeper issues. They deal only with specific situations -- career choice, relationships or lifestyle issues. For these, success is making a single aspect of life work more smoothly.



Ipsative coaching goes to the seat of the problem: our confusion, indecision and anxiety. It counters confusion with focus, indecision with resolve and anxiety with greater self-confidence.

By helping people recognize the core values that make them who they are, Ipsative Coaching provides rational explanations for life's difficulties and clear options to resolve them.

Ipsative Coaching doesn't focus on externals like your current career, relationships or state of mind. It goes right to the heart of what is producing those external situations — the way you see your world and the inner drivers that cause you to think and act as you do.

• When you understand why things happen as they do, there is no confusion — just a clear focus on what you can now see will work best for you.

• When you accept your uniqueness and work with your strengths, instead of worrying about weaknesses, indecision is replaced by resolve to be yourself.

• Without confusion and indecision, anxiety has no fuel to sustain it. You feel self-confident and ready to move ahead with your life.

Impact of Values#Ipsative Coaching goes deep. It's as complex as you are. Its purpose is to help you change your life to make the most of your uniqueness. It will challenge you, not offer mere consolation. And it applies to every part of your life.


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What To Expect from Ipsative Coaching