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Ipsative coaches are trained to coach from the inside out, listening to their client's needs and helping them explore the solutions and strategies that best suit their fundamental values and inner drivers.

We believe our clients are unique and valuable human beings, full of potential to make their lives richer and more satisfying. We also believe each of us must take responsibility for his or her life and actions.

What happens to us is neither totally determined by fate nor simply the result of chance. Our personal thoughts and actions are the cause of most of the events we encounter. Since we can change our actions, we can change the course of our future.

Our objective is to enhance the confidence, potential and inner resolve you already have. Our coaches will also provide you with tools to increase your insight into who you are and what actions may best suit you. They will help you develop an objective perspective on your life and take better decisions. However, it remains your responsibility to take the actions needed to produce the results you desire.

Please note: Ipsative Coaching is not a medical or psychological therapy and should not be used in place of appropriate medical approaches to relieve psychological, cognitive or emotional disorders. You should seek professional medical help if you suspect you may be suffering from any illness of this type.

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