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How Will I Know?

Three elements need to be in place before coaching can be successful:

1. You must feel a distinct gap between where you are now and where you want to be in your life; a gap that you can't see clearly how to cross.

2. You must be prepared to explore. Preconceptions at this stage will only limit your progress. If you've already decided what will work for you and what won't, you should concentrate on simply getting help to implement your chosen direction.

3. You must be willing to take action to change how you think and act in the world.

Is That All?

Anyone undertaking Ipsative Coaching should be:

  1. Ready to dig deep into their fundamental values — the assumptions and unconcscious choices that make them who they are.
  2. Open to acknowledging their blind spots and "hot buttons" — unseen triggers for the behaviors that limit and block them from achieving what they need.

  3. Courageous enough to question their own decisions and commit to an on-going reflection on their most dearly-held values, priorities and purpose.

  4. Ready to accept themselves for who and what they are — without compromise or sentimentality.

  5. Ready to face the future with resolution and a clear sense of purpose and direction.

Ipsative Coaching deals with some of the fundamental aspects of who you are — your core values and fundamental beliefs about the world.

It isn't coaching restricted to a narrow aspect of life. It's coaching for making more of the whole of your life.

Are you ready yet?


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What To Expect from Ipsative Coaching